Whitby shown (soft-wired) in bronze with SH-140C-COM. Interiors by Hutker Interiors.
Lou Lou Hang shown in polished brass finish with hewn brass accents and shade SH-148E-COM. Interiors by Mary Mac Wilson.
Lou Lou Hang
Gwenwood wall shown (soft-wired) in hewn brass with COM shades. Interiors by Ellen Kavanaugh.
Gwenwood Wall
Melissa Wall shown in antique brass finish with shade SH-201C-COM. Interiors by Oxford Design Studio as seen in The Alexander Brown Restaurant, Baltimore, MD. Photography by Amy Pezzicara.
Melissa Wall
Audley shown (soft-wired) in #39/80010 Gloss Black powder coat finish with black accents and shade SH-148E-COM (Schumacher 'Brompton' wallpaper in Flint).
Gwenwood Wall shown (soft-wired) in custom paint selection finish with shade SH-125X-COM.
Gwenwood Wall
Gwenwood Wall shown (soft-wired) in black finish with black accents and shade SH-125X-COM. Interiors by Bonesteel Trout Hall Interiors.
Gwenwood Wall