Our Finishes

In lighting as in life, the goal is aging gracefully. Most of our finishes are unlacquered or "living," meaning that they may patina over time. While this character can develop as variations in color or tone, it will not affect the structural integrity of the brass or copper, resulting in heirloom quality fixtures that are built to last for generations.

Traditional and well-worn, this brass finish adds a layer of patina to any fixture.
Antique Brass
A matte black base with soft flecks of gilt paint.
Antique Gilt
A matte black base with soft flecks of silver gilt paint.
Antique Silver Gilt
Matte black powder coat adds a layer of durability and stability, performs well in exterior coastal environments.
A soft black finish with subtle highlights of copper along edges and corners.
Blackened Copper
A cool matte charcoal finish with light brush marks.
Blackened Pewter
A deep black, cool matte finish.
Blackened Steel
Deep and richly oxidized brass, a hint of highlight at the edges.
Richly oxidized copper with light brush marks.
Darkened Copper
A rich gold finish, reminiscent of an old gilt picture frame.
Soft charcoal tone with a high-gloss finish.
A subtly textured, matte black finish.
Hammered Black
A warm and subtle tarnished nickel finish.
A softly brushed brass finish.
Hewn Brass Lacquered
Urban Electric lighting
Paint Selection
Softly brushed to a cool metal finish.
A classic polished brass finish.
Polished Brass
Cool, bright and hand polished to a flawless finish.
Polished Nickel
Urban Electric lighting
Powder Coat
Hand buffed to a soft matte finish.
Raw Copper
Fully aged verdigris patina.
Seaside Bronze
A rich silver finish, reminiscent of an old gilt picture frame.
Silver Gilt
A soft verdigris patina.
Pure white with a matte satin finish.
A cool charcoal base with a chalky white wash.