Whitby shown (soft-wired) in bronze finish with SH-140C-PT (Farrow & Ball #31 Railings).

3 Ways to Elevate a Space

Whether you’re looking to elevate an existing space through a couple of fresh pieces or transform it entirely by injecting a completely new color scheme, lighting is the first (and best) place to start.


Take shades, for example. Through our customization program, you can outfit any shade with personalized patterns, colors and materials—or simply use existing finishes to heighten illumination. The options are limitless and the overall effect is at once timeless and a unique reflection of individual style.

Kensington shown in hewn brass finish. Jax shown in white finish with black accents and Schumacher 'Zimba' print shades. Interiors by Michael Amato.
Bit shown in pewter finish with SH-315C-COM, custom wallpaper. Interiors by Rachel Schwartz. Photography by Linda McManus.
Whitby shown (soft-wired) in bronze finish with SH-140C-COM. Interiors by Hutker Interiors.
Gwenwood Wall shown (soft-wired) in hewn brass with COM shades. Interiors by Ellen Kavanaugh.
Audley shown (soft-wired) in hewn brass finish with RAL 7044 Silk Grey accents and SH-148E-PT (Farrow & Ball #214 Arsenic). Interiors by Michael Amato.
Sloane shown in blackened pewter with gilt accents and shade SH-110C-PT (Sherwin Williams #6650 Marquis Orange). Interiors by Bailey Austin Design. Photography by Laurey Glenn.


The same is true for our ever-expanding collection of tabletop lamps. From the Rex to the Jennifer to the Hibiscus, we offer surface-based fixtures for all tastes and aesthetic schemes. Whether placed in pairs or groups, or used as a stand-alone statement to punch up a corner nook or side table, these lamps add oomph to every space. (Bonus points for upping the ante by adding a COM or otherwise custom shade.)

Hibiscus Table shown in antique gilt finish with gilt accents and shade SH-148E-COM.
Rex Table V.2 shown in hewn brass finish with hewn brass accents and shade SH-151X-WHT-LIN. Interiors by Sidney Wagner.
Baton shown in heirloom finish with bronze accents and shade SH-157E-COM (Zak + Fox Kesa Fabric in Umber).
Baton shown in hewn brass lacquered finish with black accents and shade SH-157E-COM (Schumacher's Zimba wallpaper in Ebony).
Jennifer Table shown in hewn brass finish with RAL #3012 Beige Red accents. Interiors by Ellen Kavanaugh.
Melissa Table shown in antique brass finish with shade SH-205W-BLK/GLD. Interiors by Charles & Co.. Photography via Bon Appetit.


It’s impossible to overstate the impact of a skinny sconce. A category that has become a bedrock of our collection, and which occupies a special place in the hearts of our designers, these fixtures are as adaptable as they are versatile. Two Huntleys on either side of a mirror can take a bathroom or living room from fine to fabulous. Used on either side of the bed, they become the chicest reading lights imaginable. And on and on—the options are endless.

Huntley shown in black finish and clear glass, modified. Interiors by Emily Henderson.
Hedges shown in black finish with hewn brass accent. Interiors by Fritz Porter. Photography by Julia Lynn.
Maison shown in polished brass finish. Interiors by Worktable. Architecture by Workshop 360. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
Benson shown in blackened pewter finish with polish nickel accents.
Huntley shown in polished nickel finish. Interiors by Robbin Gannon. Photography by Michael J. Lee.
Push shown in RAL #9010 Pure White powder coat finish with RAL #9010 Pure White powder coat accents.

At The Urban Electric Co., we recognize the power of great design and craftsmanship to not only transform and transfix new spaces but to also refresh and enliven existing ones. We create lights that glow and grow with you—today, tomorrow and forever.