Urban Electric lighting

Our Innovation Connection

Innovation is one of those words that can sound a little bombastic when you’re talking about yourself. For us, it’s more about the capabilities that define who we are and best exemplify our internal motto: Always Proud. Never Satisfied. Our clients are visionaries, after all, and at the top of their game, and they constantly inspire us to reach new heights, too. Below are a few of the programs we’ve built to deliver on our promise to craft heirloom quality lights that outshine the rest and stand the test of time.


Urban Electric lighting
Virginia shown in blackened copper finish with seaside bronze interior and restoration glass. Interiors by Foley & Cox.
Virginia shown in hewn brass finish with clear glass, customized. Interiors by Jennifer Baines Interiors.

Scalability is one of the foundations of the custom experience here at Urban Electric. From our outdoor lanterns and outsized hanging fixtures to our slim sconces to flush mounts, each of our lights is made just for you, to bring your vision to life. It’s a program we’re proud of, and one that is so core to our mission that we often forget how rare it actually is in the lighting world. (And, let’s be honest, we love the challenge and thrill of building a uniquely sized or scaled Cosy or Yves or Chisholm, too.) That doesn’t mean we’re not continuously searching for ways to improve and innovate the process, though. Whether it’s through software that facilitates better communication among the craft teams working on each unique fixture to production flow efficiencies that reduce lead times and client costs, we never stop fine-tuning our blueprint.

Color Program

Metro shown in polished nickel finish with Benjamin Moore #669 Oceanic Teal painted glass shades. Interiors by McCann Design.
The Flat shown in polished brass finish with RAL #3003 Ruby Red accent. Interiors by Lyon Field.
A deep, smoky shade of teal sets the tone for the simple beauty of our Chiltern Single in this lush larder. Interiors by Sidney Wagner Interiors.

We’ve also refined our Color Program, taking our paint and powder coat capabilities to the next level. You might say we’ve gone Techni-color. In addition to a spectrum of more than 1,000 hues, next-level pigments, and an electrostatic powder coat process, we also offer a virtually limitless color-matching service. What’s more, through our COM program, we can further personalize each design by rendering color and pattern from our clients’ own materials.

LED Technology

Urban Electric lighting
Lucien shown in bronze finish with gilt accents and etched on wire glass. Interiors by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects.
Winston shown in polished brass finish with clear glass, customized. Interiors by Michael Amato.

And then there are the strides we’ve made with LED technology. For us, it wasn’t just about changing from incandescent bulbs to LED and diving into that movement early; it was also about recognizing the challenges that would come from that—from both an engineering and aesthetic standpoint—and committing to being a part of those solutions as the next wave of bulb technology and color temperature developments was being formed. And there is so much more yet to come.

Beyond those major programs, there are certainly opportunities for smart thinking that also occupy our waking and working hours (and then some). On the structural side of our design process, for instance, the innovation is happening inside the fixture, in the places most people will never see: the moveable arms that are defined by an uncommonly smooth motion and uncompromising alignment, thanks to our craftsmen’s obsessive focus on tight joints and commitment to structural integrity. And the list goes on. The bottom line is, because it matters to you, it matters to us.