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Introducing: Flashback Photo Series

In our line of work, we are fortunate to meet some truly amazing people, many of whom we also get to photograph in the places they live and work. And the inspiration doesn’t stop with faces—every time we travel, whether it’s to visit a new location or return to a beloved favorite destination, we capture it. As you might imagine, we’ve built up a pretty amazing archive of this documentary photography over the years—especially now that we’ve launched The Current, our annual publication. 

Today, we’re excited to begin highlighting some of the most special images from the trove in our new weekly series, Flashback. And there’s no one better to share the stories behind the pictures than Anne Chandler, our resident photographer of more than 13 years, whose ability to spin a tale rivals her skills behind the camera lens. Welcome to Flashback, edition 1. Enjoy.

Urban Electric lighting

"I haven't seen snow many times in my life. A few of us OG Urbanites got stranded in a blizzard in New York 10 years ago! And we hit the streets walking around for hours. We hobbled into Central Park and these ducks were just 'chillin.' That night we had a beer (both dark and light) at McSorley's, my first time, and some delicious egg drop soup at a spot in Chinatown that had pictures of famous customers on the wall (Bill Cosby, ew). This image of the ducks on the pond is one of those moments that will be emblazoned on my brain for the rest of my life. Even when you get older if you have never seen something before, sometimes you still have the eyes of a child. You will remember."

- Anne Chandler