Urban Electric lighting

Cool and Collected

This winter, we’re embracing the blues in all its various incarnations: the icy tints and steely shades that naturally imbue an overall feeling of calm and sophistication to any manner of thoughtfully-curated space. 

These colors are so versatile we’ve long considered them the closest things in our palette to neutrals. And for good reason. When paired against or applied alongside organic, vintage-inspired finishes and shiny mirrored surfaces the effect is at once modern and timeless, creating a sense of serenity that will last well beyond when the snow starts to thaw.

The Flat shown in polished nickel finish with RAL #5014 Pigeon Blue accents. Interiors by Josh Greene.
Melissa Quartz shown in bronze finish with shade SH-201C-CRM. Interiors by Summer Thornton.
Gibson shown in vintage finish with hewn brass lacquered accents. Interiors by Amelia Handegan. Photography by Brie Williams.
Symon shown in bronze finish with antique brass accents. Interiors by Josh Greene Design. Photography by Shade Degges.
Vitrine shown in Benjamin Moore #HC-61 New London Burgundy paint selection finish with polished nickel accents. Interiors by Marea Clark. Photography by Brad Knipstein.
Mac shown in Benjamin Moore #HC-143 Wythe Blue paint selection finish with hewn brass lacquered accents and hewn brass lacquered shade interior finish. Interiors by Meredith Ellis. Photography by Read McKendree.
Campion shown in blackened pewter finish with blackened pewter accents. Interiors by Lucas Eilers. Photography by Stephen Karlisch.
Nyhavn Double shown in vintage finish with polished brass accents and shade SH-172E-WHT. Interiors by Abney & Morton Interiors.
Bishop shown in zinc finish with zinc accents. Interiors by Gramercy Design. Photography by Shade Degges.