Cosy shown in polished brass finish with RAL #59/20043 Neon Yellow accents and clear glass.

Anatomy of an Heirloom

One of our all-time favorites, the Cosy pendant is also a mainstay of designers, thanks to its combination of versatile and endlessly adaptable elements. The graphic quality, bold mix of metals, and color selections often result in its becoming the signature piece of the home. A piece that is remarked and remembered. An heirloom worthy of passing down. A vintage treasure in the making. Grandmother's crystal chandelier never stood a chance.

Here’s a look at the parts that make the whole piece shine:

Urban Electric lighting

We followed a Cosy through the shop from start to finish, providing a glimpse of the modern techniques we utilize to enhance the construction of this beautiful bench-made fixture.

Click here to watch the video.

Urban Electric lighting

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